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Apparel Brands
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Since 2016, when the coalition first developed the Transparency Pledge and began outreach, numerous companies have committed to and implemented the Pledge standard. The status of company commitments and implementation is captured in the tables below.

Aligned or committed

NameHQFactory nameParent companyProduct typeWorker numbersOARRBI membership
adidasGermanyFLA, SAC, PST
ASICS CorporationJapanSAC
ASOSUKCommitted to alignment in 2020SAC, ETI
C&ANetherlandsCommitted to alignment in 2020SAC, ETI, PST
Cotton OnAustralia
Dare to Be (Marlies Dekkers)NetherlandsAGT
De BijenkorfNetherlandsAGT, SAC
Deckers Brands (UGG, HOKA, TEVA, Sanuk, KOOLABURRA)USA
Dick’s Sporting Goods IncUSA
Eileen Fisher Inc.USASAC
EspritGermanyAGT, SAC, amfori, FLA, PST
Essenza HomeNetherlandsAGT
Fruit of the LoomUSAFLA, amfori
G-StarNetherlandsAGT, SAC
H&M GroupSwedenSAC, ETI, PST
Hanesbrands Inc.USAFLA, SAC
HEMANetherlandsAGT, amfori
KappAhlSwedenSAC, ETI
Kings of IndigoNetherlandsFWF, AGT
Kontoor BrandsUSASAC
L. Ten CateNetherlandsAGT, amfori
Mountain Equipment Co-op (MEC)CanadaFLA, SAC, FWF
New BalanceUSAFLA, SAC
New LookUKCommitted to alignment in 2020
NEXTUKCommitted to alignment in 2020ETI
O'NeillNetherlandsCommitedAGT, amfori
PatagoniaUSAFLA, SAC
Pentland BrandsUKSAC, ETI
Pretty LavishUK
PVH CorporationUSAFLA, SAC
River IslandUKETI
SchijvensNetherlandsAGT, SAC, FWF
Studio AnneloesNetherlandsAGT
Under ArmourUSAFLA, SAC
VaniliaNetherlandsAGT, amfori
VF CorporationUSASAC
We FashionNetherlandsAGT
ZeemanNetherlandsAGT, ETI, FWF

Close to aligning

NameHQFactory nameParent companyProduct typeWorker numbersOARRBI membership
Aldi NorthGermanyXamfori, PST
Aldi SouthGermanyXamfori, ETI, PST
Arcadia GroupUKX
BestsellerDenmarkXSAC, ETI
Hugo BossGermanyXFLA, PST
John LewisUKXETI
MANGOSpainXamfori, SAC
Marks and SpencerUKXSAC, ETI
Mizuno CorporationJapanX
OlympGermanyXFWF, amfori
OVS S.p.a.ItalyXSAC
PumaGermanyXFLA, SAC, PST
Rip CurlAustraliaX
Shop DirectJapanXETI
Ted Baker plcUKX

A fuller database, with sorting and filtering, can be found here

Responsible Business

In June 2018, the coalition wrote to and began engaging with seven widely known company-backed responsible business initiatives (RBIs) in the apparel industry that purport to promote more ethical practices among their corporate members.

The coalition urged these RBIs to require as a condition of membership that companies individually and publicly disclose information about their supply chains, at a minimum in alignment with the Transparency Pledge standard. Prior to the engagement by the coalition, none of the seven RBIs had firmly linked the transparency of individual corporate members’ supply chains to their membership requirements.

The section below summarizes what the RBIs have done or committed to do through November 2019. For more detailed information and the coalition’s full assessment, take a look at the coalition’s 2019 report, Fashion’s Next Trend.

full alignment

None reported

For an RBI to be in full alignment, the following conditions must be met: 1) the RBI requires all member companies to align with the Pledge as a condition of membership; and 2) all member companies are in compliance (i.e., disclosing in alignment with the Pledge).

significant progress

Fair Labor Association

In November 2019, the FLA announced a requirement that all of its member brands and retailers must publicly disclose supply chain information, aligned with the Transparency Pledge standard, and make the information available in accessible open data formats by March 31, 2022. The Fair Labor Association estimates over 50 brands and retailers will be required to follow this new policy and, from April 2022, may be subject to a special board review if they do not comply.

some progress

Dutch Agreement on Sustainable Garments and Textiles (AGT)

Dutch Agreement on Sustainable Garments and Textiles (AGT)
AGT has not made supply chain transparency of individual members a condition of membership, but requires its members to disclose information about their supplier factories to the AGT secretariat that is made public in aggregate form through the Open Apparel Registry. The Open Apparel Registry is an easily accessible and searchable database that provides information about factories’ affiliation to brands and RBIs.

little progress

The UK Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI)

The UK Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI)
The ETI does not make publicly available even an aggregate list of production locations of all its members. The UK ETI appears to be considering tier-1 supply chain disclosure as a requirement for only its upper levels of membership. In late October 2019 the ETI stated that their transparency recommendations would be implemented from October 2020 and spanned three areas, including “ETI members’ own transparency.” However, the ETI declined to provide other details, and without more information the coalition is unable to assess the potential impact of ETI’s decisions for its corporate members in the apparel industry.

The Fair Wear Foundation (FWF)

The Fair Wear Foundation (FWF)
The FWF committed to make available on its website a searchable database of manufacturing units (aggregate only) that its corporate members disclose to the FWF secretariat. The FWF stated that this aggregate database would reveal data as required in the Transparency Pledge standard and that it was expected to be launched in the first quarter of 2020. But at the end of 2020 the database only included 10% of their facilities. The FWF also outlined plans to make available a standalone aggregate list of information about all "disclosed factories" of FWF corporate members. However, the FWF also wrote that it would allow its corporate members to opt out of having information about their supplier factories appear in the searchable database and the standalone aggregate list.

German Partnership for Sustainable Textiles (PST)

German Partnership for Sustainable Textiles (PST)
the Partnership has published an initial aggregated list of suppliers with a total of around 6,900 production facilities from 23 member companies on the Open Apparel Registry platform. However, there is no requirement for member companies to publish individually, or even aggregated.

zero progress


No measures taken or commitments made to link supply chain transparency to membership requirements.

Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC)

Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC)
No measures taken or commitments made to link supply chain transparency to membership requirements.