Good Practice regarding Company Disclosures

When publishing supplier factory information, global apparel companies should pay close attention to the manner in which they provide it. The following guiding points are important to make disclosure effective:

Easy Access

  • Make information easily and freely accessible on their websites.
  • Make information available in formats that have downloadable files and enable machine-readable searches to cut down on the time needed to manually sift through these lists.


  • Clearly state what precisely is being published and what definitions are being used. (For example, describe how the company defines terms like “tier-1”; “core manufacturing partners.”)
  • Clearly state whether all authorized subcontractors used by cut-make-trim factories for processes to complete a brand’s products are being published.
  • Indicate the aggregate volume of business that is captured by the disclosure and the percentage of total supplier factories published. (For example, “The factories named represent 80 percent of the factories where the company’s products are manufactured, and are responsible for production of 90 percent of the brand’s products.”)
  • Indicate exclusions from disclosures, if any, and impending plans to expand disclosures. (For example, whether it excludes factories used by licensees, agents, and discloses information for only some or all brands.)

Regular Updates

  • Specify the date when the information was last updated and how frequently the information is publicly updated.
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