Choice of Companies

In October and November 2016, Transparency Pledge coalition representatives wrote to 72 apparel and footwear companies asking them to commit to and implement the Transparency Pledge.

Forty-five of the 72 had not previously published information on any factories producing for them at the time the coalition wrote them a letter; 23 had started publishing details of their global supplier factory lists either in 2016 or earlier; and four others were known to disclose their US collegiate supplier factories without attaching non-disclosure clauses, making this information available in the public domain.

The apparel companies that had not previously disclosed any information were selected based on a combination of factors: geographical spread; brands serving different markets such as fast fashion, sports apparel, and footwear; retailers and supermarkets with own brand products in apparel and footwear; and those sourcing from countries where factories have consistently been criticized for recurring labor rights problems, including Bangladesh and Cambodia.

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